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We are a Personal Care Home.  We will evaluate your loved one to see if they are a good fit for Star Manor at no cost.  If your loved one requires therapy, or have other skilled nursing needs, we have home health care agencies who will gladly come to Star Manor and provide the care recommended by a doctor.  We are slightly different than an Assisted Living Facility.  We also offer a higher level of care, known as Memory Care, usually for Alzheimer’s or Dementia residents.  If your loved one needs an even higher level of care, they would normally go to a nursing home or hospital.

Home Health Care
Medication Management

If our residents require therapy, or have other skilled   nursing needs, we have home health care agencies who will gladly come to Star Manor and provide the nursing assistance recommended by the resident’s physician.

Local transportation to physician’s appointments is provided free of charge one time per month.  Transportation to scheduled calendar events is included.

Three delicious and nutritious meals and two snacks are available to our residents daily. Our chef oversees all food preparation in our commercial kitchen. Our selective menus vary depending upon seasonal favorites and requests by our residents.  There are no cafeteria lines to go through. Tantalizing meals are served to our residents in an elegant dining room. Residents are offered a hot or cold breakfast. We deliberately strive to create a relaxing dining experience for our residents.

Our housekeeping services include laundry services, assisted spa bath and cleaning. Each room is provided with cable tv and is equipped with an in suite kitchenette. Activities of daily living (ADL’s) is a term encompassing dressing, bathing, meal preparation, housekeeping, etc. Our monthly service fee includes assistance with these services.

Monitoring medication administration is also key. Medications usually need to be taken in specific doses at set intervals. Missing doses or timing doses incorrectly can cause complications. To manage this, everything from devices that issue reminders to residents to take their medications to filling pill cases for residents and marking the lid of each compartment to indicate when the contents need to be taken may be used.